Created by Hecticware, Joszs and Gijs van Everdingen.

Made in just 72 hours, it was our Ludum Dare Jam 21 entry.

Out of 288 Jam entries, Left ranked as follows:
#11 Overall
#9 Innovation
#11 Fun
#12 Audio
#16 Graphics
Your vessel's shields are about to give way, your ammunition is depleted and you're moments away from throwing yourself headlong into a room filled with hostile turrets and explosives.
If only you hadn't been so reckless in the past.
In Left, a topdown action/agility game, you control a small craft on its way to escape from a dangerous facility. You start out with fully charged shields, loads of rounds and even a couple of rockets. However, they'll have to last pretty long if you're planning to get out.

Luckily, you can revisit the past and master your challenges to perfection, granting you more room to spare in the present.

Download Left Arcade.zip [19MB]

Left.exe is the original LD version, Left Arcade.exe is the most up-to-date version.

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