HMS Imahara

Created by Hecticware.

Made in just 48 hours, it was my Ludum Dare 23 Compo entry.

Out of 1402 entries, HMS Imahara ranked #341 Overall and #50 Mood.

In HMS Imahara, you are the crew of a small spaceship that is attacked by an unknown alien race. You need to find your way to the escape pods, keeping as many crewmembers alive as you can. The oxygen is sparse, so suffocating is at least as much a threat as getting eaten.

Download Imahara.exe [3MB]

For Glory

Created by Hecticware.

Made in just 48 hours, it was my Ludum Dare 22 Compo entry.

Out of 717 compo entries, For Glory ranked #26 Overall and #21 Fun.

In For Glory, you take up the role of a young hero, adventuring into the dark and dangerous depths of Death's dungeon. You will have to battle your way through hordes of skeletons. For honour. For glory.

Download ForGlory.exe (3MB)


Created by Hecticware, Joszs and Gijs van Everdingen.

Made in just 72 hours, it was our Ludum Dare Jam 21 entry.

Out of 288 Jam entries, Left ranked as follows:
#11 Overall
#9 Innovation
#11 Fun
#12 Audio
#16 Graphics
Your vessel's shields are about to give way, your ammunition is depleted and you're moments away from throwing yourself headlong into a room filled with hostile turrets and explosives.
If only you hadn't been so reckless in the past.
In Left, a topdown action/agility game, you control a small craft on its way to escape from a dangerous facility. You start out with fully charged shields, loads of rounds and even a couple of rockets. However, they'll have to last pretty long if you're planning to get out.

Luckily, you can revisit the past and master your challenges to perfection, granting you more room to spare in the present.

Download Left [19MB]

Left.exe is the original LD version, Left Arcade.exe is the most up-to-date version.


Created by Hecticware.

Made in just 60 hours, it placed 3rd in GMW29.

Triscal is a rather peculiar game. It is an abstract puzzle game set in an enviroment that is mostly 3D, though sometimes bends the rules of our common 3D perception.

It is played using just 2 keys, which are defined at the start of the game. It also features a level editor, not just because I thought that would make a good addition to the game, but actually because I needed it to create the levels in the first place. The abstractness of it all made it impossible to create the levels 'by hand'.

Download [1MB]


Created by Hecticware and Rick Roerig, as Drowned Duck productions.

Our entry for the Creative Game Challenge 2011. It did not get nominated.

Atlantia Polu Hudrow, or Atlantia for short, is an adventure platformer in a beautiful underwater setting.
Atlantia is a platforming game set in a sunken city. You, Nathan Croft, must find your way out, and grab as many treasures as you can find on your way up. 
All is not what it seems, however; the various statues seem to have the ability to alter reality, causing rooms to flood, ice to melt or water to dry.
Download Atlantia.exe [10MB]

Although this is a finished game, it might still be a bit buggy now and then. On some computers, it downright crashes. I was unable to determine the direct cause of these problems. My apologies.


Created by Hecticware, as Luminescent Ladybug productions.

Placed 9th in GMW27.

Percy is an is extremely difficult platformer. Some people dislike it and judge it as being unfair, but for those who don't mind a little frustration, the game can be very rewarding.

Download Percy.exe [26MB]


Created by Hecticware, as Cyborg Chameleon productions.

Placed 5th in GMW24.

TerraScape is a topdown turret defence game. You need to place turrets along the roads to keep the hoards of enemies from reaching the other side. It features various turrets, enemies and levels.

Some of the GMW judges' remarks:
"Graphically a very well developped tower defence game."
"The game is somehow addictive."
"A very nice game, very complete."
"The overall finish is very good and encourages further play."