Created by Hecticware and Rick Roerig, as Drowned Duck productions.

Our entry for the Creative Game Challenge 2011. It did not get nominated.

Atlantia Polu Hudrow, or Atlantia for short, is an adventure platformer in a beautiful underwater setting.
Atlantia is a platforming game set in a sunken city. You, Nathan Croft, must find your way out, and grab as many treasures as you can find on your way up. 
All is not what it seems, however; the various statues seem to have the ability to alter reality, causing rooms to flood, ice to melt or water to dry.
Download Atlantia.exe [10MB]

Although this is a finished game, it might still be a bit buggy now and then. On some computers, it downright crashes. I was unable to determine the direct cause of these problems. My apologies.

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